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This will show you everything that's been completed, sold and unsold. The unsold auctions are great for seeing what prices don't work, while the successful auctions give you an idea on the average going price. Try to pay less than these prices, so you can actually make a profit when it comes time to sell. So, you've found something you want to buy—great. But don't jump right into bidding.

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Last Chance Auctions

In fact, don't do any manual bidding. There's plenty of reasons why you shouldn't. It's nearly impossible to compete against a sniping tool, because it's automatically outbidding everyone at the last second. Using a sniping tool will help you secure an item, as well as prevent you from getting carried away in a bidding war.

Best of all—you don't have to keep watching the items you've bid on. You just enter in your max bid, along with a few other details, then you just wait until you win. Most sniping tools are available for free, though some will charge for securing a winning bid. Here are some to consider. For the most part, these sniping tools are extremely easy to use. You just use the eBay auction numbers, enter your maximum bid and time before the end of the auction.

Use Advanced Search to Find Hidden Deals

The sniping tool does the rest, emailing you on a successful or unsuccessful bid. These tools are great for maintaining a profit. If you feel tempted to increase your max bid—don't. Your profits will plummet. Once you initially set up the snipe bid, remain detached from it until you receive a good or bad email. This ensures you're only paying what you can make a profit on. Sometimes shopping during sleep hours can help you secure a real bargain, as the number of last-minute shoppers is reduced.

Auctions ending between midnight Also, if there are multiple auctions for the same items within a short time frame, focus your efforts on the later ones. Hopefully, other interested parties will get jammed up in bidding wars against each other on the earlier ones. It may take a little more of your time, but search eBay for sellers who will consider " Best Offers ". It's a fairly new eBay feature, and is usually coupled with sellers using "Buy It Now". You can also research those specific sellers to see what prices they've accepted in the past, which is most useful for sellers who post lots of the same item.

Once you've mastered your buying technique, it's time to master your selling technique. But that's for another time, though I'll give you some quick tips. Try selling in different or multiple categories to expand your watchers. Try combining your auctions, because you'll save big on insertion fees. Every now and then, however, a listing is posted that just doesn't get many bids, even though it should. Maybe the photos aren't quite what they could be. Maybe the listing duration was too short. Maybe the title is slightly misspelled or the product has been misidentified.

Whatever the reason, if there's a listing for a product you'd like to buy that's about to end with few or no bids on it, you'd probably like to know about it. Maybe even snipe it. But how to find such listings? Scroll down to the "Show results" area of Advanced Search and check the line that enables you to search for listings ending within a certain time frame. Opt to find listings that end within one hour, as this gives you listings that are close to the final value they'll achieve if you don't bid on them.

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I didn't actually win any of them and, looking at the winning bids, it turned out to be cheaper to just go down to Argos and buy one. Reinforcing the point that e-bays a lot more a professional business these days - and possibly that people get a bit carried away in auctions. Stop fear-mongering people about using eBay with your misinformed rhetoric. I hope to God that you did not get paid for this poorly researched article.

Step 2 Improve Your Search Skills

Having purchased a great deal on eBay and coming across many sellers both amazing and terrible. It isn't fear- mongering it's common sense. And there's never anything wrong with being careful and cautious no matter where you're spending your hard earned money.

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  • As a seller, I appreciate this article and hope that more people who read it feel more comfortable about buying on ebay. But also as a seller i must inform you and your readers that eBay is no longer like the wild west garage sale that you make it out to be. EBay in the past few years has gone to great lengths to protect buyers on their platform.

    From guaranteed shipping times, Free Returns, and an increasing threshold on who it considers Top Rated, eBay protects buyers better than Amazon. Please stop telling people they might get scammed or have problems dealing with mom and pop sellers.

    eBay Tips and Tricks - How To Snipe Items For Cheap

    For the Dont scare our customers away! I agree. This article is written like it's still The author sounds like they just discovered some magical site called eBay. I buy on Amazon far more often than eBay.

    Searching for Things to Buy on eBay

    However, I agree that eBay has more safeguards against scams and it's nearly impossible to get scammed out of money as a buyer. Amazon backs up their products pretty well, but 3rd party sellers on Amazon can pose some risk. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. What Is Wish?

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    see all ebay deals See all ebay deals
    see all ebay deals See all ebay deals
    see all ebay deals See all ebay deals
    see all ebay deals See all ebay deals
    see all ebay deals See all ebay deals

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